Graphic Design

Enhance your skills throughout the Graphic Design sphere

Design Skills Certificates

Graphic Design

Purpose of this programme

The programme is designed to enhance the learners’ Paper Based designing abilities in the Graphic Design sphere. The course is practical and creative and focuses on learners with a creative streak.

Classes are lectured-based and are conducted on a weekly basis. Your course and assessments are practical in nature. You do not need a computer for this course; you are welcome to do all your practical work at the ATTI centre.

Career Pathway

The person that has successfully completed this course will be able to work at the following companies:

  • Graphic Design Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Community Newspapers
  • Magazines and web companies
  • Printing Companies

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills


The learner will on successful completion of this course be able to:

  • Describe and apply the principles of design.
  • Explain the variety of different design methodologies and methods.
  • Describe brainstorming and conceptualization skills to originate ideas.
  • Develop and interpret design briefs.
  • Explain the principles of graphic design.
  • Perform basic graphic design operations.
  • Use Adobe Photoshop effectively in a designing context.
  • Use CorelDraw effectively for designing.
  • Use Adobe Fireworks effectively in a designing context

Macromedia Fireworks Basic and Advanced

  • Vector shapes and Colour
  • Bitmap images
  • Working with text
  • Complex shapes and paths
  • Layering and blending
  • Efficiency boosters

Corel Draw Basic and Advanced

  • Creating and transforming objects
  • Bitmaps and Special Effects
  • Text and symbols
  • Colour outlines and fills
  • Layers
  • Importing, exporting, and printing files

Adobe Photoshop Basic and Advanced

  • Working with image selections and layers.
  • Adjusting and retouching images.
  • Resizing and preparing finished images.
  • Masking and Vector Paths
  • Creative Image effects
  • Automate tasks



Registration Fee : R800

(Non Refundable)

5 Months Course Fee : R4 800

(R800 x 5 monthly installments, total cost includes R800 non refundable registration fee)

Course Info

  • Certification: Provider Skills Programme
  • Duration: 5 Months
  • Minimum Requirements: Office Application Specialist or equivalent